Switch! Let's turn on me who am new.

Sapporo factory of Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi

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The sky to look up at from atrium


Let's turn on me who am new.

"We overslept! I'm sorry, we are late!"
It is sigh unintentionally in her LINE.
Oh boy, if we turn to the top,
There was not crowded blue sky of chest over glass.
In this large space, heart is let loose.

When we look down at atrium incidentally,
Eyes matched small boy who looked up at the sky.
When we become glad and wave our hand,
The child waved the hand back and laughed.

"I am sorry that it becomes late!…Well, we laugh at what"
Yes, when waiting in vain is not bad if it is here.
While is waiting, thought, but is anything together; or sports is there not?
"What happened suddenly"
Think that you must begin what it is if you see the sky.
So! Will we look for even wear a little?"
Feeling that I who am new begin in here.

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We think about new shiikotowatashio


Let's turn on me who am new.

Bouldering that we watched on TV by chance.
Know that there is Jim who can walk from company,
Side trip of work return became custom now.
Friend whom I invited seems to sometimes come.

When we climb wall absorbedly here,
Stress of work forgets quarrel with him, too,
Though we did not diet, size of uniform fell, too.
And it is very happy,
That there is oneself who can get absorbed in something even if we become adult,
We did not notice if we did not come here.

We cleared top hold at last today.
The next vacation will drop in slightly far.
To longed-for gym which we knew in net.
To oneself in the other.

Shooting cooperation: Article 1 building 1F gravity research

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I in search of new wear


Let's turn on me who am new.

Hobby is movie viewing.
We are slightly particular about jazz.
As for going out slight let alone date,
Basics of fashion are jacket-style.
Is it outdoor? We are not interested.

Though it was such me, we do not know the life.
Looking for birthday present of nephew native
In outdoor shop which entered by chance,
We fall in love with stylish wear at first sight with Heiss Peck.
Looking good with this first place
Okay, it is not jazz bar without movie theater.

So that there is love to begin with love at first sight,
Even hobby to enter at form is not bad.
By the way,
We will go to mountain on the weekend, or shall we go to river?

Shooting cooperation: Article 2 building B1 the north face plus

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I who begin sports newly


Let's turn on me who am new.

As for the materials of cake which that child likes,
We bought decoration item which that child seemed to be pleased with.
Tomorrow is birthday of child.

Taste of cocoa which we took for the first time kana, here to remember.
After having been in high spirits by event of atrium,
"Bye-bye older sister did"
Hey, did you talk joyfully?
When we exchanged looks with husband and laughed,
When we became dad and mom, we were glad.

Only as for the number of memories, we become family.
Does milk mug for child graduate soon?
Shall we buy family matching cup home?

Shooting cooperation: Frontier building 2F Miyata-ya coffee

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