To town making tomorrow's you.

Mostly living is common everyday accumulation.
House which lived so long. Family not to be able to employ of mind. Daily life that body was stained with.
Therefore people sometimes long for exciting non-daily life.
Country which has not gone. Gorgeous celebrity. Dreamlike party.
We do non-daily life such as drama with thing letting you forget common daily life.

But we think.
When common daily life is accumulation of small drama if we see well.
As for it being sad that color to look up at of the sky is nice.
Yesterday, today, tomorrow. Not story such as "drama" which somebody far-off played,
Pile up daily dramas which only you can experience,
You are here now.

It is nothing but drama which today's you come across to make tomorrow's you.
Therefore we dream.
Important drama only for you who come every day,
The future to color by direction to be possible only in this town.
In hope of tomorrow's your shining, we continue describing dream.

To town making tomorrow's you. Sapporo factory begins to work.