Gym in Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi

It became pleasant to look at mirror recently.

Because we have a pain with beauty forever.

Another 3cm. Because there is aim, we can do our best.

Pick up program

Beginner Aero

It is basic class of aerobics. Aerobics is aerobic exercise that we can continue while enjoying by moving body to music. We can expect campaign for improvement of heart and the lungs function and improvement of whole body stamina, combustion effect of fat.

Crawl 25

On the basis of contents of guide class, it is aim to come to be able to swim 25m by the crawl. It becomes training of abdominal muscle by maintaining horizontal state underwater, and leg can expect effect to be tightened by kick again.

Step machine

We exercise in operation of step. As we can adjust load and time freely, anyone is available. A lot of calory consumption breaks a sweat by exercise to use muscle for well of buttocks than appearance as well as leg well, too.