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SAPPORO factory



Inquiry about Sapporo factory

Inquiry from telephone

Information counter
011-207-5000 (reception hours: for from 10:00 to 20:00)

Inquiry from form

When notification replies from Sapporo factory, as a general rule, for inquiry that had you approach, we see off by E-mail.
Please set unwanted e-mails which receives, and is set to receive email from beforehand.
For inquiry with email form from customer, we keep correspondence as prompt as possible in mind,
Having time when get up in the following situation would appreciate your noting that may not reply.
・Inquiry contents (when confirmation and investigation to the person concerned take time)
・The time when received even brief contents in the case of until 20:00 ... 10:00, the following day

About lost article in hall

We hope that you inquire about lost article in hall in disaster prevention center.
Disaster prevention center
TEL: (011) 207-5119 (24 hours)
FAX: (011) 223-6820 (24 hours)

Inquiry about product

Store in facility can inquire the handling of product, detailed information.

Inquiry of branch

Person with interest, please ask branch to Sapporo factory at the following.
Sapporo factory sales department
TEL: 011-207-5205 (telephone-adaptive time: for from Monday to Friday for from 10:00 to 18:00)

Inquiry about Sapporo real-estate development

Question about Sapporo real-estate development of Tokyo hopes that you inquire with the following phone number.
Sapporo real-estate development
TEL: 03-5423-7111
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