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SAPPORO factory



United cinema Sapporo

We introduce cinematograph system "4DX" where is the latest <bodily sensation type> and the only "IMAX digital theater" in Hokkaido into screen of big things and small things 11.
In addition, it is "entertainment complex" that various events including live view Inge carry out cinema.
IMAX digital theater
IMAX digital theater
A sense of unity, picture with movie bringing about clear, bright high-quality picture such as the real thing, clear sound wrapping up in the whole space in all seats are IMAX 3D version of menace approaching to the top of knee, really epoch-making cinematograph systems which they can experience.
It is cinematograph system of attraction style that can leave sense of reality = charm that movie which seat works and cannot get by special effects such as "water" "wind" "flash" "flavor" "smoke" in normal theater has open to the maximum.
It is 300 yen discount by the Sapporo factory card presentation
It is delicious in discount by ticket of movie! The details of privilege from this
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